Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve …in the heart of Jinibara Country Be responsible

“This is a special place and we have cared for this country for many thousands of years.  Listen deeply, watch attentively and tread lightly on this country because we are part of the land.  The land cares for us when we care for and respect the land.” ~Jinibara Elders

Please help care for Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve:

  • Stop the spread of pathogens. Start and finish your walk with clean footwear. Use the pathogen control station at the track entrance.
  • Stay on the path to reduce the likelihood of accidental trampling on seedlings and small animals such as the angle-headed dragon that often live in the leaf litter near the path edge.
  • Walk mindfully and you will see so much more.  You are the visitor in the home of hundreds of native rainforest animals and plants.  Please be respectful of the animals and their home.
  • Refrain from climbing or swinging on the mighty vines found along the walking tracks. These vines are ancient and damage easily.
  • Capture your memories on a camera as these are the only things you can take from the reserve.
  • Leave your pets at home. Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a conservation area therefore domestic animals are not permitted in the car park or reserve.

 Your gold coin donation goes directly to the conservation and improvement of the reserve in line with the Deed of Trust.

Protecting our forest

You will encounter plenty of wildlife in the reserve. Don't get too close and do not feed them.  

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More amazing animals
Red-legged Pademelon A wallaby with status

If you are quiet in the forest you may be lucky enough to spot a Red-legged Pademelon hopping across the track. The Pademelon is a solitary, shy animal that is active both during the day and night, feeding on fallen rainforest leaves and fruits.

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