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To help ensure the safety of our volunteers and visitors the Mary Cairncross guided walk service will be temporarily suspended until Tuesday 19 April 2022.  Visitors are still welcome to visit the reserve and undertake a self-guided walk. We ask that groups continue to notify us of visit dates. We are taking tentative bookings for guided walks after 19 April but will reassess the COVID-19 situation in March and make a decision about the resumption of the guided walk service. Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Bookings: Six weeks notice is required for large groups. To make a booking please book online. (Guided walk service temporarily suspended until 19 April 2022.)

Time: Walks are available between 9am – 3.30pm. We recommend allowing 1.5 hours for the walk, minimum walk time is 1 hour.

Cost: $3 / person (community groups) or $5 / person (all other groups). Please note a minimum charge of $25 applies. This fee includes entry to the Rainforest Discovery Centre. An invoice will be emailed to your group following your visit. Please advise staff prior to your visit if you intend to pay cash on the day.

Group size: To ensure a positive walk experience, minimise impact on the reserve and comply with COVID-safe guidelines a maximum of 7 people are permitted per guide. A maximum of five groups are permitted on the track at one time. Larger groups will need to schedule two walk times or split the group over a couple of days.

Rainforest Discovery Centre: The Centre provides a range of interactive and educational displays to suit all ages. The display themes rotate on a 6-monthly basis. A gold coin donation is requested on entry. A booked guided walk includes entry to the Discovery Centre. To ensure a positive experience for all visitors, large groups are requested to stagger their visit to the Discovery Centre.

Facilities: Toilets, picnic tables and BBQs are available near the picnic grounds.

Accessibility and safety: Please note the reserve is a natural area. While relatively flat, the walk requires a reasonable level of fitness and is not classified as wheelchair accessible. Alternative walks such as the Butterfly Walk and Glider Gallery Boardwalk are available. Visitors are advised to wear closed-toe shoes and protective clothing. Groups are required to advise staff on booking of any relevant medical or accessibility information. A risk assessment[684KB] for the guided walk program is available.

For more information please contact us.

Protecting our forest

You will encounter plenty of wildlife in the reserve. Don't get too close and do not feed them.  We thank you for helping to protect our native fauna by leaving them alone.

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More amazing animals
Red-legged Pademelon A wallaby with status

If you are quiet in the forest you may be lucky enough to spot a Red-legged Pademelon hopping across the track. The Pademelon is a solitary, shy animal that is active both during the day and night, feeding on fallen rainforest leaves and fruits.

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