Everything you need to enjoy your visit Facilities

Our facilities are well maintained and beautifully designed.  Come and enjoy:

  • The Rainforest Discovery Centre including the Glass House Mountains viewing platform (lift access available)
  • Mountain View Cafe
  • Picnic tables, shelters and barbeques (gas supplied)
  • Children's playground and open lawn space
  • Toilets and rubbish bins

Please be aware that domestic pets are not permitted anywhere in the reserve (including the car park).  Assistance dogs are accepted.

Parking is permitted in regulated areas between 7am - 6pm.

Protecting our forest

You will come across plenty of the animals in the reserve. We recommend not to get too close as this may provoke them. Feeding animals in the reserve is also not allowed.

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More amazing animals
Red-legged Pademelon A wallaby with status

If you are quiet in the forest you may be lucky enough to spot a Red-legged Pademelon hopping across the track. The Pademelon is a solitary, shy animal that is active both during the day and night, feeding on fallen rainforest leaves and fruits.

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