Mission Accepted Agents of discovery

Agents of Discovery is an award-winning program educational mobile gaming platform that uses smartphone technology and augmented reality to get kids out, active and engaged with the world around them. The program encourages real learning and engagement by enticing youth and their families to explore and learn through an augmented reality application. 

To play, kids become Secret Agents on a Mission to visit participating parks, reserves, and other cultural sites. They encounter and unlock fun and engaging challenges to complete. With every Mission completed, kids can earn exclusive digital and real-world rewards. The more Missions completed, the more rewards earned!

To Play:

1. Download the free Agents of Discovery app onto your smart device BEFORE you arrive.

2. Load the ‘Mary Cairncross’ mission to begin your adventure.

3. Follow the map to find the challenges. Look for the trigger images along the forest track.

4. Watch out for native animals along the way and share your photos with us @SunshineCoastCouncil and #sunshinecoastnatureagents.


Protecting our forest

You will come across plenty of the animals in the reserve. We recommend not to get too close as this may provoke them. Feeding animals in the reserve is also not allowed.

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More amazing plants

Learn about the plant species which create our beautiful forest.

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