Why count butterflies? About

Join us in counting the Sunshine Coast’s butterflies. Count from your backyard, school, local park or join a public survey event. You don’t need to be a butterfly expert, anyone can join.


12 - 20 November 2022 (Australian Pollinators Week)


Butterflies are an important part of a healthy environment. Both adult butterflies and their caterpillars are food for many creatures like birds. Butterflies also help to pollinate our plants. Many caterpillars can only feed on specific native host plants. Because of this close relationship with plants, butterflies can be an indicator of the environmental health of an area.

Download the Sunshine Coast Big Butterfly Count butterfly identification brochure[6718KB].


The Sunshine Coast’s Big Butterfly Count is extremely grateful for the support of Brisbane Catchments Network and Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count.

The Sunshine Coast’s Big Butterfly Count is a joint initiative of:

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