Help nature from home Citizen science for nature

Get up, get out and explore nature in your own backyard through these free citizen science apps all available at the App store or Google play. Suitable for kids and adults.

  • Birds in backyards

    While spending most of our time at home can be frustrating, it also gives us a great opportunity to be #BirdingAtHome. Birds can provide joy and give us a great opportunity to connect with the natural world, as they are often right in our backyards. Take 10 minutes out of your day to enjoy a cuppa in your backyard. Snap photos of any visiting birds and tag them with #CuppawiththeBirds

  • Butterflies Australia App

    With so many butterflies on the move at the moment, you can help scientists track butterfly sightings around Australia through the new Butterflies Australia App. There’s also a handy field guide on the app so you can identify the species you’ve found. (Handy hint: Download the fact sheet on using the app from the top right corner.)

  • ClimateWatch App

    Help scientists understand how our local species are adapting to climate change. Download the free app, find the common climate watch species in your own backyard (such as magpies, orbweaver spiders and jacarandas) and upload photographs and notes on their current seasonal activities and behaviours such as flowering, nesting, feeding and breeding.

  • Frog ID Project

    The Australian Museum Frog ID Project is a great resource for learning and contributing as citizen scientists to ongoing herpetology research in Australia. Get involved and learn about different species of frogs you can spot in your own back yards. You can also record frog calls that you hear and have them identified by experts and counted in national surveys.

  • Project Noah

    Project Noah is a global community of people who love wildlife. Once you join you can subscribe to a variety of missions such as Entomologica of Queensland or Birds around the World. Share photos, take scientific notes, get help identifying species and learn amazing wildlife facts. Earn badges for your contributions and help map global biodiversity.