Become a citizen scientist Rainforest eco-hunt

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is an important rainforest remnant with significant biodiversity values. Help us preserve and protect this forest by contributing to understanding and knowledge of the many species that make Mary Cairncross home. You can do this by participating in our QuestaGame Citizen Science Program. 

Simply download the free QuestaGame App through the App store or Google play on your phone or tablet.

Take photos of any interesting or unusual species you find while walking through the reserve. Make sure you stay on the path though!

Submit your photographic sightings through the QuestaGame app and receive expert identification and information about your finds. 

The data you collect contributes to mapping the reserve’s incredible biodiversity and helps us preserve and protect it for future generations to enjoy.

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You can also keep track of Mary Cairncross sightings as they are uploaded.  

Protecting our forest

You will encounter plenty of wildlife in the reserve. Don't get too close and do not feed them.  We thank you for helping to protect our native fauna by leaving them alone.

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Plant diversity
Native tamarind 391 botanical species

Our rainforest is a living museum.  Learn about the diversity of plant species by getting to know some of the local botanics.

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