Project Overview About Tiny Giants

In October 2021, the Sunshine Coast Council is partnering with entomologists and arachnologists from the Queensland Museum to undertake the first broad taxonomic study of invertebrates at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. 

Tiny Giants: Mary's Amazing Invertebrates is a four-day public event that showcases and celebrates invertebrate species and scientific research.  

From Thursday 21 October - Sunday 24 October, walks, talks, workshops and events will ignite curiosity about and stewardship of the miniscule and marvellous world of insects, spiders and other creepy crawlies. 

Queensland Museum researchers are joined by scientists from the Entomological Society of Queensland, the University of Queensland and the Australian Museum.  Jinibara Traditional Owners join the public program along with artist in residence Lesley Kendall. 

Join us to explore the world of Tiny Giants.  Download the full schedule here[93KB]

The project is funded by the Sunshine Coast Council Environment Levy.

Lesley Kendall public workshop

Learn from artist in residence and paint your own specimen: Rainforest Butterflies in Ink.

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