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  • “Les Animaliers” – Black,White & Bronze from the Bodo Muche Studio

    Exhibition dates: Friday 3 June - Sunday 19 June 2022 The realistic fine art sculptures of German Australian artist Bodo Muche will inspire and enthral visitors. Bodo’s works reflect the great Classical tradition of the 19th Century French School of naturalistic sculptors, “Les Animaliers”- the Animal Artists. Before visiting please consider Queensland Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Macropods – pademelons and beyond

    Did you know macropod means big foot? Come and learn more about this special group of pouched, hopping wildlife. Local ecologist and wildlife rehabilitator, Marc Russell will provide an overview of the macropods found in our region such as the swamp wallaby and pademelon. This talk follows the Winter pademelon survey at 7am. A World Environment Day Festival event.

  • Winter pademelon survey - Citizen Science activity

    Calling all citizen scientists. Join a team of volunteers to help survey the red-legged pademelons in Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. Our team conducts regular seasonal surveys in the reserve to monitor pademelon numbers and behaviour. Free event. Registrations essential. Limited numbers. A World Environment Day Festival event.

  • The Natural Wonders of the Australian Rainforest

    Exhibition dates: Friday 1 July - Sunday 10 July 2022 Members of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society display their art works depicting the natural wonders of the Australian Rainforest. From the tiniest insects and fungi to the spectacularly colourful birds and gorgeous marsupials, the artists will show their connection to the rainforest fauna and flora in this exhibition. Before visiting please consider Queensland Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Save Our Species - an exhibition by Jim Cox

    Exhibition dates: Friday 16 July - Sunday 31 July 2022 Most Australians haven’t seen or heard of some of the animals featured in this collection of artworks by Jim Cox. Before visiting please consider Queensland Covid-19 restrictions.

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