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  • Dung Beetles: Nature's Unsung Heroes

    COMING SOON! Mary Cairncross is home to many dung beetles and they don’t just eat dung. From beetles that have mastered the art of composting, to beetles that hitch a ride on their mammal host; dung beetles have evolved to use a variety of strategies to ensure they survive in a country where the dung is few and far between. Join entomologist Dr Kathy Ebert to gain an insight into their intriguing behaviours and lifecycles and the important ecological role these unsung heroes play. Photo credit: Kathy Ebert.

  • Butterflies: the birds of the insect world – conservation and management

    Because of their often bright colours fluttering in the sky, butterflies are sometimes thought of as the birds of the insect world. These amazing creatures have inhabited the earth for about 130 million years - around the same time as flowering plants. Indeed, it’s even thought that plants evolved flowers that attract butterflies as pollinators (bees weren’t around just yet)! If you found this fact fascinating, come and join UQ entomologist Professor Myron Zalucki for an amazing insight into the biology and ecology of butterflies as well as the key conservation challenges facing these delights of the sky.

  • Invitational Event: Mary Cairncross Neighbour's Day 2020

    Invitational Event Only: Mary Cairncross neighbours, in this international year of plant health, join us in helping to expand the vegetation buffer to MCSR. When you’re not getting your hands dirty planting, you can learn about important plant and animal relationships, make your own cyanotype sun-print using leaves or learn how you can use and borrow our Echo-meters to locate bats on your property. There’ll even be some ideas for your own garden too! To book you will need the special code from your postcard invitation.