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  • The Natural Wonders of the Australian Rainforest

    Exhibition dates: Friday 1 July - Sunday 10 July 2022 Members of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society display their art works depicting the natural wonders of the Australian Rainforest. From the tiniest insects and fungi to the spectacularly colourful birds and gorgeous marsupials, the artists will show their connection to the rainforest fauna and flora in this exhibition. Before visiting please consider Queensland Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Mary Cairncross Bird Survey

    Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is haven for bird life. Join a team of volunteers to help survey the birds present in the reserve during the cooler winter months.

  • Save Our Species - an exhibition by Jim Cox

    Exhibition dates: Friday 16 July - Sunday 31 July 2022 Most Australians haven’t seen or heard of some of the animals featured in this collection of artworks by Jim Cox. Before visiting please consider Queensland Covid-19 restrictions.

The rainforest reserve Make the most of your visit by learning about the special creatures who live here