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Forest Fellowship
Together we thrive. 

Forest Fellowship

Come and check out the forest teams that allow the Mary Cairncross rainforest to thrive.

Just like any successful organisation the Mary Cairncross rainforest depends on a diverse hardworking team to thrive.

No single species of plant, animal or fungi can exist alone or is more important than another. Each performs an essential role. Some species have similar roles. You can think of them as forest teams.

Learn more about the forest teams that underpin the survival of the reserve through the Forest Fellowship exhibition.

  • Get up close with the epiphytes of the canopy with a live display.
  • Explore the some of our forest giants with tactile bark molds. 
  • Discover the important role fruit eating birds play in the rainforest ecosystem with amazing realistic models.
  • Get hands-on and creative as you make your own felt forest.
  • Borrow a Junior Ranger Kit packed full of cool tools to discover more out on the track.

The Forest Fellowship exhibition can be seen in the Rainforest Discovery Centre from Tuesday, 5 December 2023.