The rainforest
;Adam Sebastian West
A complex web of life 

The rainforest

A priceless forest remnant, full of life.

The rainforest is an island of ecological importance, a remnant rainforest. Many of the trees you see today are hundreds of years old. The type of ecosystem that thrives here is known as subtropical lowland rainforest.

Keep you eye out for the diverse array of animals and plants that call this rainforest home.

  • 391 plant species
  • 141 bird species
  • 68 species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians
  • unspecified number of invertebrate species
  • numerous fungi.

Take a walk, slow down and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.

Take a walk

Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest on the walking tracks.