Enjoy your visit Be prepared

While the walking tracks of the Mary Cairncross remnant rainforest are classified as a leisurely stroll, we recommend you prepare for your day out in advance.

No dogs allowed.  Domestic animals are not permitted in the car park or reserve.   

We suggest you bring the following items with you:

  • water bottle
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • appropriate walking shoes
  • camera – enabling you to capture memories, the only things you can take from the reserve
  • raincoat or umbrella if the days looks cloudy
  • warm clothing – Maleny is cooler than the coast due to its elevation
  • mosquito repellent

While we recommend bringing a water bottle with you, the Mountain View Café on location can supply a range of eating and drinking requirements. There are also several gas BBQs on site. Please make sure you watch your picnic and pack away any leftovers, limiting the temptation for wildlife to forage through your lunch while you’re enjoying your visit. Please note that disposable food items or containers are not allowed into the forest.

Being a rainforest environment there are a few natural hazards you should be aware of:

  • The giant stinging tree (Dendrocnide excelsa) can give a painful sting and long-lasting rash if touched. 
  • Leeches are often active in the reserve during wet weather. 
  • A variety of snakes can be found in the reserve, some of these are venomous. Please stay on the path and give them room to move.
  • Trapdoor spiders and ticks are also located in the reserve.
  • The walking trail is a rough path with stones and tree roots that may present tripping hazards. It may not be suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. The Glider Gallery, a 200 metre wheelchair accessible mid-canopy walk is a popular alternative.

It is unlikely that you will encounter any of the hazards above if you stay on the path and take appropriate precautions. Please ask our friendly volunteers for more information if you are concerned. There is also a first aid kit located at the Rainforest Discovery Centre.

Protecting our forest

You will encounter plenty of wildlife in the reserve. Don't get too close and do not feed them.  

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More amazing animals
Red-legged Pademelon A wallaby with status

If you are quiet in the forest you may be lucky enough to spot a Red-legged Pademelon hopping across the track. The Pademelon is a solitary, shy animal that is active both during the day and night, feeding on fallen rainforest leaves and fruits.

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