Discover more with a rainforest guide Guided walks

Rainforest guides help you to discover more on your walk through the reserve.

Pre-booked guided walks of the rainforest are available 9am – 3.30pm daily.

Walks are conducted by volunteer guides who have an intimate knowledge of the forest and can point out many sights that you might otherwise miss.

All school and other organised groups (e.g. community groups and tours) must pre-book their visit, regardless of whether they are seeking a guide. This helps to ensure all visitors have a positive experience, avoids a clash with another group and minimises overcrowding and damage to the reserve.


Protecting our forest

You will come across plenty of the animals in the reserve. We recommend not to get too close as this may provoke them. Feeding animals in the reserve is also not allowed.

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More amazing plants

Learn about the plant species which create our beautiful forest.

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