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Red waxcap

Red waxcap

Hygrocybe bolensis

Colour bursts from the leaf litter

The red waxcap mushroom is a type of agaric or gilled mushroom.  It belongs in the family Hygrophoraceae.

It grows in rainforests and like most fungi prefers shade and moist soil.  In Australia, the red waxcap is recorded only in southeast Queensland (Mary Cairncross specifically) and New South Wales.

The red waxcap has a dark, rich red stalk and top. As the name suggests, the top has a waxy appearance. The gills are yellow closer to the stem and have a white glow around the outer edge.

While walking the paths of Mary Cairncross examine the leaf litter shortly after it has rained.  You may see the red wax caps growing brightly amongst the brown forest floor.