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Red-bellied black snake

Red-bellied black snake

A distinctive snake

The red-bellied black snake is a medium-sized snake.

The red-bellied black snake is a medium-sized snake with a distinctive shiny black back and red to orange belly.

This shy snake is most often seen around water although it can also be seen in other areas of the forest. They are comfortable searching for its prey in both water and on the land.

Their varied diet includes frogs, small lizards, fish, tadpoles, small mammals and even other snakes.

Red-bellied black snakes give birth to live young. Females in the later stages of pregnancy are known to come together in small groupings. The reason why is unknown, though it may provide greater protection from predators.

While most active during the day they can remain active into the evening. While the red-bellied black snake is venomous its shy and non-aggressive nature means it tends not to bite unless provoked.