Discover the rainforest at your own pace Walking tracks

Rainforest walks are open from 7am to 6pm daily.  

The internal-circuits are between 1.3km and 1.7km long, including the:

  • rainforest loop
  • pademelon loop
  • piccabeen loop

These internal circuits are classified as Grade 2 tracks: the track is a hardened and compacted surface and may have gentle hill sections and occasional steps. 

Wheelchair accessibility is catered for on both the:

  • Glider Gallery boardwalk (accessed through the Rainforest Discovery Centre) and
  • Butterfly Walk (following the open-lawn perimeter) 

Friendly volunteers are available to answer your questions and provide updates on maintenance and safety.

Plan your walking experience by downloading the walking trail map[1692KB]

View our walking tracks via satellite imagery on Adventure Sunshine Coast

Walking trail map

Discover the rainforest at your own pace

Download the trail map View more

More amazing animals
Red-legged Pademelon A wallaby with status

If you are quiet in the forest you may be lucky enough to spot a Red-legged Pademelon hopping across the track. The Pademelon is a solitary, shy animal that is active both during the day and night, feeding on fallen rainforest leaves and fruits.

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