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Our volunteers
Rainforest ambassadors 

Our volunteers

Mary Cairncross is supported by a team of passionate volunteers.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is supported by a team of passionate volunteers. They work alongside council staff to provide a welcoming and informative experience for visitors to the Rainforest Discovery Centre.  Their pride and enthusiasm for this remarkable rainforest is through the canopy!

We thank all our volunteers for their valuable contributions.

Are you interested in becoming a Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Visitor information – Volunteers welcome visitors from around the world and provide information about the reserve to enhance their experience and ensure they treat the reserve with respect.  Volunteers engage with visitors both in the Rainforest Discovery Centre and out on the track. If you enjoy meeting and sharing information with new people, the visitor information role is an ideal opportunity for you.
  • Rainforest guide – Guides provide interpretive tours through the rainforest reserve for school, community and tour groups. Guides share stories of the plants, animals and fungi that make the reserve special.

Expectations and support:

  • Volunteers participate in an induction program prior to commencing. This involves online and face-to-face training.
  • Regular meetings, workshops and newsletters are provided to help support volunteers in their role.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to undertake at least one, three hour shift per fortnight.
  • Volunteers are required to obtain a Blue Card for working with children.

How to apply to be a volunteer at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Register online to volunteer.

Council hopes that you will enjoy and learn from your experience while helping to protect Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.