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Casuarina forest
The transition zone 

Casuarina forest

Casuarina trees with their thin needle-like branchlets dominate this area.

Casuarinas can grow in salty soil and don’t mind being occasionally swamped by salty water. The casuarina forest forms a transition zone between the salt sensitive melaleuca forest and the salt tolerant mangrove forest. Look on the forest floor and you will find a thick mat of fallen needles covering the ground. The needles hinder the growth of other plants. But it’s not just casuarinas growing here. Look in the understory for the scrambling mangrove lollybush. Scan the branches of the casuarinas for mistletoes. Listen for the wind blowing through the casuarina foliage.

What birds can you hear calling in the casuarina forest?

Sounds of the casuarina forest