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Green catbird

Green catbird

Camouflaged songbird cries from the canopy

When you visit the rainforest you may hear the green catbird’s distinctive call high up in the canopy.  Sometimes mistaken for a wailing baby or a cat howling, this species cries throughout the day.

As named, this catbird’s plumage is camouflaged green against the forest.  It’s breast is patterned with small white spots and it’s eye is a deep red.  Green catbirds are quite large, growing up to 28cm.

Although it is a type of bowerbird, the green catbird builds no bower and chooses one mate for life. Between October and January the females lay 2 - 3 eggs and and parent their young together.

The species lives in varied forest types along the east Australian coast.  It forages in groups in the mid-to-upper canopy, feeding on a variety of fruits, including figs.