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Wompoo fruit dove

Wompoo fruit dove

Key seed dispersal species

The wompoo fruit dove is large, loud and colourful.

It’s name refers to the deep, reverberating call performed from the canopy and audible up to 1km away.  The first part sounds akin to a rock being dropped into deep water “womp” or “wolluck” followed by an owl-like “woo”.

The wompoo fruit dove grows up to 50cm and is beautifully plumed.  It has a rich purple breast and yellow under feathers which standout against its white head, green wings and bright red beak. Although it is Australia's largest fruit dove and quite abundant in this rainforest, it tends to stay hidden in the foliage. Its presence is sometimes revealed in this Reserve by the constant dropping of fruit such as figs.

The wompoo feeds on a range of tree and vine fruits and is an important medium to long-distance seed disperser.   Both parents build a nest of twigs 3 - 10m above ground.  From a single white edge they raise their offspring between spring and early summer.

When you visit Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve open your ears to the distinctive wompoo call.