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Blue quandong

Blue quandong

Elaeocarpus grandis

Keep an eye out for the blue fruit on the forest floor

The blue quandong is one of the true giants of the forest, reaching for the top of the canopy.

Due to their rapid growth these trees are popular in forest revegetation, establishing the canopy cover that many other species need to thrive.

Blue quandongs can be identified by unusual red-pink leaves standing-out among the green foliage. Their immense size is supported by a large and pale-buttressed trunk. In autumn, hanging rows of white flowers adorn the branches.  These develop into the bright blue, round fruit. When walking Mary Cairncross trails during the summer months, keep an eye out for the distinctive blue fruit on the forest floor.

The quandong fruit is sometimes referred to as the native or desert peach and are a part of the traditional Aboriginal diet.  Nutritionally, their vitamin C content is higher than oranges! The fruit is bitter and contains a woody stone, which can be used in jewellry.